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About a year ago I set up Bellingham photography lessons In order to help people in Bellingham to become better photographers. High-quality digital cameras are now so easily affordable that many people wanting to learn how to get the best out of them. No longer are people restricted to simply pointing and shooting and if they learn the more in-depth aspects of their cameras they will certainly get a lot more out of them in terms of image quality. I am also teaching composition, lighting, equipment purchase, backup, storage and addition of meta data such as tags etc.

The way that the group is run is that you would join on Facebook and simply request lessons which I would then attempt to set up. We often meet at Bellingham Public Market and I charge $10 per person per lesson. If you're interested do please just pop over to Facebook via the link below and click join!

If you’re already a member and looking to pay for a lesson or for Photokens please click here.

All images by and © Phil Rose Photography. 360-739-9067. Phil Rose Photography provides fine photographic services in Bellingham and Whatcom County People like me on Thumbtack! Click here to check it out. Phil Rose also likes to cook!