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Bellingham Photography Lessons is back! We have managed to get ourselves a new location at the Treehouse photography studio on Cornwall Avenue. This location is currently being got ready for lessons to begin on Wednesday, July 19. The series will be made up of six lessons which will take place on Wednesdays at 6 PM and Sundays at 5 PM. Sunday lessons will be a repeat of those held on Wednesday. Lessons cost $20 each but anyone who comes to the lesson on Wednesday is welcome to come for a refresher by attending the repeated lesson on Sunday for only $10 extra. Please note that week two will not have lessons due to my family being in town.

Below you will see the syllabus. At the end of the course we will arrange a landscape shooting expedition for anyone who has attended four or more lessons of the six. This expedition will be free for anyone who has attended four or more lessons of the six. Anyone who has not attended for more lessons will be welcome to join us at the same $20 rate. The location of this expedition will be decided amongst the students.

This location will be a great advance on where we were before in that it will have a large shooting space for studio work, plenty of seating and a digital projector for lessons. For this reason I am asking people to pre-book since I have to pay for the space. Please see the form below to make payment. If too few people sign up for any particular lesson I will have no choice but to cancel that lesson in which case anyone who has paid will have that payment rolled over to the following week. In the event that the last lesson is canceled the fee can be returned. If you do not sign up in advance you can pay on the door but if the class is full (I will be accepting a maximum of 10 students for each lesson) you may be disappointed and if too few sign up you may find nobody there as the lesson will have been canceled.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Facebook is probably the best way to do that. I look forward very much to seeing you all and to us learning together.

Class 1 (1 hour) July 19th at 6pm and July 23rd at 5pm

Parts and care of your camera.

Learn where all the parts of your particular camera are, how to use them and how to keep them from getting damaged. We will research your particular camera together to find out how to change settings that are less than obvious.

Things to bring

Class 2 (1 hour) August 2nd at 6pm and August 6th at 5pm

How to spend your children's inheritance.

Learns what equipment you might need for the style of work you hope to do and how not to spend too much acquiring it.

Things to bring.

Class 3 (1 hour) August 9th at 6pm and August 13th at 5pm

Shutter speed, aperture and ISO and how they interract.

This is the big one! The crux of turning snap-shot taking into artistry. When to use high-this and low-that!

Things to bring.

Class 4 (1.5 hours) August 16th at 6pm and August 20th at 5pm

Recap of Class 4 plus exposure compensation followed by location portraiture expedition.

Things to bring.

Reminder of how to control the three aspects of exposure followed by the opportunity to go out and photograph one another in pairs and try it out in person.

Class 5 (1 hour)  August 23rd at 6pm and August 27th at 5pm

DAM (Digital Asset Management) and processing.

How to keep track of your photographs and a very basic introduction to the processing of photographs. I will concentrate on two software package- ACDSee for managing a catalog of images and Adobe Lightroom for processing images. These are only two of a multitude of capable packages and the information provided is applicable to most other programs.

Things to bring

Class 6 (1.5 hours)  August 30th at 6pm and September 3rd at 5pm

Studio portraiture.

I will provide full studio lighting and a model and we will learn what it means to take successful studio portraiture.

Things to bring.

Landscape shooting expedition.

For students who have attended four or more of the lessons there will be a free, guided landscape shooting expedition. Where and of what to be decided by the students.

All images by and © Phil Rose Photography. 360-739-9067. Phil Rose Photography provides fine photographic services in Bellingham and Whatcom County People like me on Thumbtack! Click here to check it out. Phil Rose also likes to cook! Syllabus

This payment is for the next upcoming lesson by Phil Rose at the Treehouse.

This payment is for the next upcoming repeat lesson on a Sunday and the price applies only to those who have paid for the Wednesday lesson. If you want to come to the Sunday lesson without attending the Wednesday please pay the remaining $10 on the door.

If you have any issues at all just get in touch either by email, via the contact form here or through the Facebook page.