The question I hear the most from people is this. How do we get our photographs? I figured that maybe the best idea was to actually have a whole page describing that. You may also want to know the difference between an unprocessed Raw image and a final, finished JPEG that you can take and use and shows your friends. You can find out all about that here.

I use a service called Smugmug which allows me to create galleries online into which I can put groups of photographs. There is no limit on the number of galleries I can create nor the number of photographs per gallery. There is also no time limit on how long galleries can exist. I have add the service for approximately 10 years and in all the time I have never taken down the gallery. This means that once your photographs are finished and uploaded they will remain online and accessible to you until I either die or stop paying the fees for Smugmug!

As soon as all photographs are downloaded from the camera the first thing I do is to go through them and delete any that are clearly unusable. This would include ones that are out of focus or with closed eyes or wildly under or over exposed. There are usually not very many of these! After that all the remaining images will be uploaded to a gallery called Raw Images. The images in this folder will not look anything like as good as I can finally become. Again, take a look at this page to find out more about this. From this page you will be able to pick the photographs you want me to work up. Often you will have an agreed number per your contract. Sometimes an agreement will have been made that you get all of the images in which case you will probably not even see a Raw Images folder since you are getting every photograph and I will work them all up.

The second gallery you will see will be called Worked On and this is where the final and finished pieces will end up. On the sample page that I have created all the images and watermarks simply to protect my property. This will not be the case for your gallery since you will own the photographs that you have paid me to take. Unless otherwise agreed I maintain the right to use your images in marketing situations. If you feel that you do not want me to do this please let me know ahead of time. There will be instructions at the top of this page which will tell you how to go about viewing your images in a variety of different sizes and then downloading them at that size. There will also be a button at the top which will allow you to download all the images in a Zip file at full, high resolution. This Worked On folder will, as I say, stay up indefinitely. This means you can return to grab your photographs again at any time. You can also pass the link on to anyone else that you like. Only people with the link can see the gallery but you are welcome to share it far and wide!

There are so many settings within Smugmug that there are occasions when I may get some of them wrong or forget to check a box here and there. If you find you have any problems with your gallery please just get in touch and I will sort to write out.

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