Headshot Weekend

Many lines of work require high quality and artistic headshots, from real estate agents who need more professional studio images for business cards and marketing materials to  actors who need something more creative and unusual, perhaps taken on location, to get them noticed.

On June 17th and 18th Phil Rose Photography will be offering an incredible deal on getting your headshots done. An actors headshot in Los Angeles or New York can cost anything up to $800. I will be offering either 20 or 40 minute sessions at only $50 for a 20 minute session for $75 for the 40 minute option. For a comparison of how good a deal this is please see my general headshot page.

This will take place at the Sylvia Centre for The Arts which is at 205 Prospect Street in downtown Bellingham.

From nine until four I will have studio lighting setup for those who prefer that look but we will also have the beautiful brickwork as a backdrop and of course, all of Maritime Heritage Park and the beauty therein if you are looking for a more natural style. If you do wish to shoot in the park please be aware that that may take a little longer and you might want to lean towards the 40 minute slots.

After the shoot you will receive up to four finished photographs delivered electronically via an online gallery for those who opt for the 20 minute session and up to seven finished items for those who go for the 40 minute. These images will remain on this gallery indefinitely and will allow you to download the images in a variety of sizes for printing, social media, websites et cetera. You can also pass on the URL to people who may need access to them and can also order prints directly from the gallery.

At left and right you see the time-slots. Please choose one that is unchecked and let me know whether you are looking for the 20 or 40 minute time period. I will then add the word "busy" in that time-slot. I will do this as quickly as possible but in the unlikely event that I have not updated that time-slot and it is actually been allocated I will get back to you.

I do require 50% payment in advance which can easily be paid via PayPal. If you do not use PayPal do please just get in touch. So, if you're looking for a 20 minute session please pay $25 here. If you want a 40 minute session please just pay me $35 in advance. The difference will be due on the day of shooting. Click here to go to the Make a Payment page.

To book a slot please fill in the form below.

Thank you so much. This is an exciting venture for me and I hope that it will prove very useful for members of the community.

To see more examples of my portraiture work please see my Portraiture gallery.

Looking forward to seeing you!



Sunday 9.00 9.20 9.40 10.00 10.20 10.40 11.00 11.20 11.40 12.00 12.20 12.40 1.00 1.20 1.40 2.00 2.20 2.40 3.00 3.20 3.40 Saturday 9.00 9.20 9.40 10.00 10.20 10.40 11.00 11.20 11.40 12.00 12.20 12.40 1.00 1.20 1.40 2.00 2.20 2.40 3.00 3.20 3.40

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Mail: philrose@philrosephoto.com