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There are three possible ways to go about having a head shot shoot done. I can come to your place of work with studio lights and set them up there. I can have you come into the studio and photograph there. The third option would be to meet you in a coffee shop or some other local place and photograph there with available light and/or hand flash. This third option is rather cheaper than options one or two but will result in a shot in which there may be objects showing in the background. It will be a location shoot. Please see the photograph below right. To my mind this is a wonderful look and I would always makes sure the background was not distracting and was out of focus. If you require a shoot with a plain background and a higher degree of control over the light (a more formal look) then in studio or at your place of work (either option usually cost the same) would be the way to go.

Once the shoot has been done you would choose one image from an online gallery and I would work it up. You would have basic choices such as black and white vs color. Beyond that I am happy to discuss further post processing options and prices.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Studio/in workplace shoot. Location shoot.