So this is it! You decided on a date. Now it is time to find all the wedding vendors you are going to need to make your day perfect. An important part of that perfect day will be recording it so that you can bask in its perfection in the years to come! I am truly honored that you are considering Phil Rose Photography to immortalize this day and hope that this page of information will help.

You can call me at any time to talk about any aspect of wedding photography but there are a few things that it might be helpful to know before we chat. Of course, there's no real need to know any of these but it certainly would help in terms of my being able to give you an accurate bid for the shoot.

The date of the wedding. This can make a big difference since I do have to charge more for weddings that happen on a weekend and during the summer months since that is when demand is highest. So a wedding on a Wednesday in November will obviously be a lot cheaper than one on a June Saturday.

The number of people you are expecting to attend. This rarely makes a big difference to the price but it is useful information to know.

Number of hours you would require me to be there. I tend to average around fifty usable images per hour so an eight hour wedding might net you about 400 images. Of course, you wouldn't want to hire me based purely on the number of images you would receive. It is much more important to decide what aspects of the wedding you need to have covered. Many people like to have me arrive in time to do quite photojournalistic images of bride and groom getting ready in their respective hotel rooms or whatever. This can lead to some very lovely and intimate images including still lives of items central to the wedding but which might often be forgotten in years to come. Obviously I would need to be there for the ceremony followed by group shots and often romantic images of the couple perhaps somewhat close to the wedding such as a park or local beautiful spot. I would then stay for some of the reception and can even stay until better and if you have a grand exit planned or garter toss etc. However, many weddings can continue quite late and if you want to keep the budget a little lower those last few hours are often good ones to skip.

Things to consider

When planning a wedding it is important to decide how important photography is within the scheme of the wedding. If the look of the photographs is of the highest importance then you would need to consider the photography and some decision-making. This mostly relates to a choice of location. Things to bear in mind would include the fact that bright sunshine is not the photographer's friend. Many people believe that a bright sunny day will provide them with wonderful images but unfortunately the reverse is true. Bright sunshine leads to squinting and harsh shadows (high contrast). The ideal is an overcast day which leads to softer and more flattering light. If you plan an outdoor wedding them please look around for possible places to do photographs. Perhaps there are some trees or the shade of a building that could help. If photography is paramount then please consider having the ceremony in the shade. I have no objection to you having your ceremony in bright sunshine but I do need you to be aware of what that will lead to and I'll put a couple of examples below to show what happens in bright sunshine as well as what happens in shade or overcast conditions.

Phil Rose Photography provides fine photographic services in Bellingham and Whatcom County Softer light on an overcast day.

If your reception or ceremony is taking place indoors you might want to consider what the light is like. If it is a large, dark hall lit with strip lights or very orange lighting this may be impossible to overcome for a photographer and you will end up with photographs that look as though they are photographed in a large, dark hall! This can often be overcome through the use of studio lighting but it is unusual that wedding couples want to have large studio lights with umbrellas and so on in the middle of the ceremony. Again, the choice of location is yours but bear in mind that there is only so much I as a photographer can do to overcome the location. This only refers, of course, to the actual ceremony. For romantic shots and group shots where I am in control of the situation we will find ways to make it work.

With regard to what you receive please be aware that while I will post all the photographs that are worth posting (I'm often shooting at eight frames per second and then afterwards looking for the best expression out of all those images) and they will be of reasonable quality in terms of getting prints there is a difference between every photograph of auntie Bessie and uncle Jim that you will see compared to the fine art work done on romantic images of the two of you. You will also get to choose 20 of the images for me to work up in this style and I always choose some to work up more fully of my own volition.

I know this is a lot to go through and think about and please do feel free to ask about anything you would like to know more about. Wedding photography is not an exact science and I will work hard to make sure you get a good range of decent basic photographs of the day as well as a group of fine art style finished pieces. This way you'll have memories of the day as well as some treasured images.

What do you get?

A wedding is a complicated affair. Oh boy. So many things to think about. The caterer, the menu, the rings, the officiant. Choices, choices, decisions, decisions. Let me take on some of that mental hooplah. As your photographer I will come to your event and shoot who knows how many images while there? Sometimes it can be as many as 1,500. Then, while you are off on your honeymoon or simply relaxing in the pre-marital glow I will be at home sweating over two hot monitors, whittling, and choosing, polishing and buffing the images. Within fourteen days you will receive

1) Your very own and very lovely  wooden thumb drive containing a collection of beautiful finished images at full high resolution. You will then be able to take those pictures to print (though I am more than happy to help with any printing needs you may have, of course).

2) A link to the images on an online gallery containing all those same images. This link will be something simple and memorable such as This link can be shared with friends and family and will allow them to order prints directly through the site.

3) Another link to an online slide show of 20-30 of my favorite images set to music ready to be shared on social media so people can see a beautiful overview of the day. Please click here for a sample slide show of this sort.

So how many images will you receive? That varies, of course but you should probably estimate around twenty five images per hour of shooting so an eight hour wedding might net you around 200-250 images.

You can then request three images per hour of shooting (so, for an eight hour wedding you can request twenty four images) be worked up more 'artisinally' (groan along with me at that word!) and in the style of your choosing. So, you might contact me and say 'hey, I like Dave and Sarah 136 but would you work it up in black and white and with a vignette?', something like that. I will then deliver those to you also.

Do please get in touch if any of this does not really make sense. I’m always happy to chat!

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