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Thanks so much for coming here to see the photographs from the Oscars party! Please click the link below which will take you to a gallery of all the photographs. I'm afraid you will need to scroll through them to find yours! The images in the gallery have been treated with a basic treatment in bulk. If you'd like to purchase prints and would like me to give a more custom treatment to your photograph do please get in touch and let me know the file name of your image. You can see the file name by rolling over the thumbnail and it will pop up. If you already click the thumbnail and the images opened up in full size you can also see the file name by rolling over to the bottom left corner of the screen where it will pop up from the bottom.

If you're happy with your photograph you can either buy a print straight from the gallery or download the image by clicking on the thumbnail and then choosing your size from the sizing option button and then clicking Download. Do please get in touch if you have any problems at all.

Thanks again for your support of the Pickford Film Center.

Please remember that I am a local photographer specializing in weddings, portraiture, food, landscape and real estate photography so please get in touch if you should have a need of a photographer.

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